Monday, September 11, 2006

Going home...

I think this weekend can be classified as one of the best of all time. First of all, we got to go "home" to Oxnard. We stayed with our FABULOUS friends, the Thunells, and we got a heart-full of love! Through some of the Lord's tender mercies, we were able to see some of the dearest people in the world. I love those blessings!

First we were able to go to Rowe McMullin's memorial service. Through coincidence (or maybe not) we found out when we first moved to Santa Barbara in 1999 that a couple in our ward knew Larry's grandparents in Barnwell. Now, since Barnwell only has around 500 people (or so I've been told), that is quite a small world! It was a wonderful service, paying tribute to a true cowboy. Ruth is still one of the most caring, energetic, amazing women I've ever known. She took such good care of us when we lived in Santa Barbara. WE LOVE YOU, RUTH!!!

Next we went to Karin and Wayne's wedding. She was a breathtaking bride, just as I always knew she would be. The ceremony was so sweet, and I think everyone could feel the joy as they took their first steps together as husband and wife. Now we get to look forward to their sealing in the temple next spring!!! :)

Sunday was full of church and WE LOVED IT!!! We were able to see our friends in both of our Oxnard wards, and we totally wished we were still there. We lived in Oxnard for the majority of our married life, and we had put down serious roots. We felt so loved and welcomed and missed. Its great to feel that you are important to wonderful people.

So, we went home and now I'm back to my new home in the mountains. I hope I learn to love it as much as I did my home by the sea.


Buzz said...

I am sure you were welcomed with all the love that you deserve. Our friends in Cali made me feel like a million bucks when I was there.

But now we forge a new home in the top of the mountains. We will make it great just like last time. Especially since we both have a piece of Oxnard with us. :-)

P.S. We just found out that our next door neighbors (great view) are selling their house. hehehe
This is meant to be.


cherie said...

i can't even tell you how good it was to see you
and larry!!! i only feel bad that we couldn't have spent more time together. huge, gigantic, gargantuan bummer...
(but alas duty called and it turned out just fine)
and you can bet your bottom dollar we'll be dropping by to see you in a few weeks!

Tiffany said...

I was incredible to see you guys. We sure miss our Oxnard family. We love you guys!