Friday, September 15, 2006

Rainy days and Fridays...

OK, so it isn't the Carpenter's song, but it IS a rainy day--complete with thunder and lightning (t/l) . I am trying to get used to the whole t/l thing, but I am a California girl...I'd take an earthquake over the thunder any day of the week. In fact, a thunderbolt (is that what you call it?) got so close to the house today that a nearby car's alarm went off just from the sound/pressure/whatever. Deep breathing--that is what I recommend! It was kind of cool to sit and watch the rain come down in front of our house. I don't think Lauren has ever really seen anything like that. She thought it was pretty nifty, I must say.

Oh, and daddy's coming home tomorrow!!! O frabjous day--callooH, callay (I'm chortling in my joy). He passed his evil test and is now an official Red Hat Certified Engineer! YIPPEEEEEE!!

Life is good out here. We have a roof over our heads, a car that keeps us dry (and warm) when we travel in it, clothes to wear, yummy food to eat, and books, movies, and each other to keep us entertained. What more do we need? :)

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Tara Brooks said...


Sorry! Couldn't resist! Everyone needs Chocolate as a staple. Especially when their husband has been away for a week! Chocolate is a must in this house!