Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Happy April Fool's Day

This is as close as I am going to get to celebrating April Fool's Day. I just didn't get into it this year. Cherie gave me a great idea about having dessert for breakfast (I am hoping to try that next year!), but the only thing I am going to pass on is this funny story i heard on NPR tonight. I was just puttering around the kitchen, not really paying attention to the radio, but this story had me saying, "No way!" Here it is in my own words:

A couple in AZ were anxiously awaiting their tax refund check. What they got in the mail instead was an air conditioner. It is part of a pilot program with the IRS to stimulate the economy. Instead of hoping that consumers will spend their refund checks on goods or services, the IRS taps into a sophisticated database of where the taxpayers live and details of their lifestyles and chooses some consumer good that matches their location/lifestyle. They interviewed a supervisor at the IRS about the database and what they take into consideration. They also interviewed a Harvard professor about the implications of this program.

As I listened, I thought, boy, I am glad that isn't me. They wouldn't know the first thing about what I would want to spend my refund on. I am so gullible. I remember thinking, is this for real? It couldn't be, right? But the story followed the format of so many others I have heard, and I was really only listening with half an ear, so I suspended my disbelief for a moment.

Then, at the end of the story, the program host said, "Check your calendars, will ya?"

I had to laugh. They got me good. I guess I can check off "April Fool" on my list for the day.

P.S. Here is the link to the story (I got most of it right, ok?)


Sweetarita said...

Now that is a GOOD one!! who thinks up this stuff?? I wish I could be that creative. I, of course, did not even mention to my kids that it was April 1st because for some reason all the jokes they come up with involve stinky diapers!! What it is with kids and the potty stuff??

cherie said...

love me a good april fools joke!