Wednesday, April 09, 2008

My first 5K!!

So, I decided that on my birthday I would run a 5K.

No, really.

I know, it is kinda crazy.

I will share my logic.

Well, I have been exercising pretty regularly (Curves) 3 times a week for over a year.

Then, in January I started running every other day on the treadmill. I can do 35 minutes without stopping (that is HUGE for me). That ends up being a little over 3 miles per run. So, I thought to myself that I could do a 5K. No problem, right?

OK, true confessions time. My treadmill has a TV. I have hooked up a DVD player to it, so I run while I watch movies. Is that cheating? I don't think so. I still run 3 miles even if it is while I am watching a show.

My sister Nikki and I decided to run on the morning of my birthday. Thanks, Nik, you are a trooper.

Needless to say, it was WAY harder than watching a movie. But I reached my goal. I didn't stop, and I actually ran a little faster than I normally do. I complained a lot too. But I did it.


Lest you think I am a total wimp, I am actually going to do another one in May.

Wish me luck!

(And send me any mental pointers you can!)


Sweetarita said...

That is so awesome Melanie!!!! I am so proud of you. I hate running long distances. I'm glad you got your treadmill, soon I will be able to get back on the exersize wagon!
And by the way happy late birthday!! I had it on the calendar and everything and then it slipped past me. We watched conference and then took Ali to Beauty and the Beast in the afternoon,and I went to a party that night. If it makes feel better I missed Marilee's too. Just know that I love you tons and tons and am so glad you are my sister. I couldn't have picked a better one(and believe me I had opinions on the matter!)
love you!

Tara Brooks said...

I'm completely impressed!!!
I get winded walking to my fridge and downing that slice of cheesecake....ok I'm not that bad, but I am definitely NOT a runner.
You rock Melanie!

Melissa Basua said...

Melanie, I am so proud of you!! Really, that is so so so great! You go girl!

The Vastbinders said...

That is great Mel. Wanna come up here to run one with me on July 26th. Its a 5k/8k race in downtown seattle. :)

cherie said...

oh no!!!!! i missed your birthday!!!!!!!
so let me just say this...

happy happy happy happy birthday on the 5th my sweet friend!

and CONGRATS on completing a 5K! you go girl!!

love you!