Tuesday, April 29, 2008


I think it must be payback time. Hadland NEVER stops talking. And I really do mean NEVER! Larry looked at me today while Hadland was waxing philosophical about why the Atlantic Ocean is called the Atlantis Ocean (yeah, i don't get it either). Larry just said, "Hadland, you need to get outside and run around."

If only...

We really need to get a trampoline. Then maybe the kids wouldn't use my couch as one. And it could be like a giant hamster wheel but for kids. Maybe they might even get tired enough to go to bed at night. We can always hope, I guess. One of these days we will get some outside equipment, I'm sure. Or maybe we'll just get a padded cell, and the kids and I can take turns in it.

(You probably already figured it out, but I am sure I never stopped talking either. Hence, the payback.)


The Vastbinders said...

I know what you mean..I have a few of them too in my house.

Right now Taylor is arguing with me about cleaning part of the garage out...Mind you I told them if he did it I would get something special for them...Of course he STILL complaining about it. Frustration to say the least He has always been my tough child!!!!! :)

Melissa Basua said...

You know where a trampoline is ANY time you want to borrow it!!!! Love Ya!

Sweetarita said...

Let me just say one word about the trampoline-STITCHES!! Yes it happened last night as the kids were enjoying a few moments of nice weather and then I hear the blood curdling screaming. It realy wasn't so bad. I took Ty to the urgent care centre and he came home with a giant goose egg and 2 stitches. Even with all that, I wouldn't give up my trampoline for a second! I mean come on- I have boys and they are bound to get hurt some how!