Thursday, April 24, 2008

I almost forgot!

Hadland turned nine about two weeks ago! I didn't actually forget his bday, I just forgot to post about it. He was saying to me a few days before his bday that he would love a big family party with Auntie Nikki, Uncle Treas, the brandleys, grandma and grandpa, etc. I quickly told him that they had just been here the weekend before and wouldn't be able to come back. But lo and behold, on Saturday afternoon (about 5 pm), Darla calls and says, "Guess who's coming to town?" I drew a total blank before she said that her parents were on the way from Canada. I couldn't believe it! So I quickly called all the local (and semi-local) family for an impromptu party, headed to Costco for a cake (which Hadland told me later he didn't like), and tried to clean up a little (emphasis on little). It was a total blast to have everyone over, and Hadland was in all his glory. I love those little tender mercies!

Another funny: my mom called H the day after his bday and told him that he was going to get an extra $10 for her being late in sending his bday cash. What is up with that? I just had to laugh and hope H didn't get used to late penalties, cuz he sure won't get any from lil' better-late-than-never ole me!

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