Sunday, August 13, 2006

Just getting started...

I feel like I am blog preschooler. What I mean is that I am surrounded by people who have advanced degrees in blogging, and I am feeling like a neanderthal. But that is me, and I have always been a quick learner. Mom and Kristin, remember when I learned to ski? I was pretty grumpy about not being able to do it in five minutes. I think it only took fifteen minutes for me to learn, but at least seven of those minutes were spent pouting and crying. Do I see a pattern in my life--DEFINITELY!! I guess I can't be mad when my kids take after me then, huh?

Thanks to all those who share their blogs with me. I am determined to not be intimidated by you (which is nothing you have done--its all me). I didn't scrapbook because Kristin and Nikki had created these astounding masterpieces that I couldn't possibly match, so I psyched myself out of ever doing it. Bummer, eh? Don't feel sorry for me--I am actually going to learn this time that even though there are Cherie's (i love you, girl) in the world, I can still blog. Its all about keeping our little family connected with all of our dear family and friends, and I won't let self-consciousness get in my way. me grow, everyone! I may be in preschool now, but I'll be a kindergartener soon!


cherie said...

i'm so excited! if you could see me now, i'd be doing a little giddy dance for you melanie.
i can't wait to peek into the happenings of your life.
you know i'm cheering you on. and sending some spirit fingers your way.
hee. hee. :)

Tara Brooks said...

LOVE the blog!!! (And BTW...Cherie can put anyones blog to shame...she is the reason that I started one...she's very talented and inspiring!)
Anyway....Thank you for sending me the link to yours. Can't wait to hear more about your family and their happenings.
I also would love if you email me your address. We were just in Utah and had we known where you were, we could have stopped by.
Oh and Congratulations on the baby girl, I'm sure she will be just as beautiful as your other children. We sure do miss you guys.

Jen said...

Nice to hear from you! And congrats on the pregnancy--when are you due? I'm so glad that we can be closer--maybe we'll see you sometimes now! BTW, this is Jen Black :)