Thursday, August 17, 2006

Searching for Bobby Fischer?

Larry and I just saw this movie last night. And, surprise, surprise, we totally cried.

It as all about this 7-year-old kid who is really good at chess. Then he gets all the adults involved--wanting to live vicariously through him and succeed beyond their wildest dreams. And he is still just a kid.

The mom was pretty awesome throughout the whole movie. I mean, really supportive, totally knowing what was best for her boy even when daddy couldn't see it. It inspired me. The boy was a good kid (with a capital G).

Children need to know that their parents will go to bat for them EVERY time. They need to know that even when they are annoying the snot out of you, you still love them. They don't need to know that their parents have issues with the fact that they go around the house acting like bunnies, or puppies, or alligators (when you are trying to get them to help you pick up the family room).

Kids thrive on love. I need to remember that.

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cherie said...

wow! awesome, melanie. i need to remember that too. off to blockbuster to get that movie!!!