Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Nine whole years!

Today Larry and I celebrate nine years of marriage. How time flies! I know all you married people know what I mean...sometimes it feels like you have ALWAYS been married, and at other times you feel like "it feels like yesterday we were newlyweds!"

After nine years, I love him more than when I married him. The reasons for marrying him have stayed true--he is humble, funny, honest, creative, supportive, faithful...I could go on for hours! I knew that when I married him I was making the most important decision of my entire life, and I made the right one!

I love you, honey!


valg said...

Congratulations!!! I somehow feel connected with your wedding day - Hmmm, I wonder why? Just remembering that wonderful day, the beautiful backyard of your parents, and how nice it was to be there to celebrate your day.
May there be many more.

Love Val

cherie said...

happy ninth!

love you guys!

Buzz said...

Congrats Guys!!