Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Just one word...PEACHES!!!!!

So, I need to confess. I am taking Hadland out of school for the next two days so our family can go down to Delyle and Shauri's to can peaches. Do I feel guilty? Not at all. If you think I should, then you have never tried Shauri's peaches. The woman is a miracle worker. I have never seen peaches so big and juicy and tasty. I also feel a little like one of the Little Red Hen's friends who gets to come in at the last minute after all the hard work has been done and reap the rewards. But I am really pregnant--that's a good excuse, right?

Oh, and we are also going to the Timpanogos Storytelling Festival. Can life really be this good?

Oh, yeah!


cherie said...

sounds fabulous and yummy! have no regrets.
and when i think of storytelling festivals, i always think of you!
have fun!

SweetaRita said...

Hey guys,

All I can say is that I am WAY!!!! jelous! I can only dream of Shauri's Peaches. Oh, so tasty, running down your chin, down the arm into your sleave. Wish I was there to have some buttermilk pancakes topped with peach puree, giant peach slices and whipped cream. Can you tell I am salavating!!
Eat some for me,
love ya,