Monday, March 16, 2009


I did something abnormal today, and it was wonderful.

I actually took my kids to a park in the middle of the afternoon and played with them for a couple of hours.

Kinda sad that it is abnormal for me, but I really enjoyed it.

We fed the ducks, made super submarine/river rafts out of pinecones, climbed trees, poked ice on the pond, got dirty, ran and chased each other, played like airplanes, hiked, followed trails, met and petted friendly dogs, and even found a log that looked like a rhinoceros.

Good times.

I even took pictures (on my phone). But I have NO idea how to download the pics, so you'll just have to imagine our smiling, happy faces on a lovely early spring evening.

I actually like my kids. They are pretty fun to be around. Too bad we have responsibilities and I can't always play. But I can certainly play more. Simplify our lives--and maybe we'll have more time to play.

On a similar note, I like the TV, but sometimes I wish it were never invented. I have become too accustomed to gathering around it instead of being outside with my kids. I am going to try to live it up a little more. I still get so excited about changing seasons--CA doesn't really have stuff like that--and I don't want to miss a thing! I was in short sleeves all day...Yippee!


TM CLAN said...

That sounds like such great fun! Anyway, give yourself a break. You've just come out of hibernating.

Tera said...

Sounds like such a fun day! Those are the days when you lay down at night and think, "I was a good mom today!"

Corri said...

Good for you! I feel the same way sometimes. I resist doing fun and important things with my kids because I feel too busy.
Crazy, isn't it? I think the warm weather really helps entice us outside though.