Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Not much to say

I am trying to be more regular in my posts, but I can't think of anything to say today. So maybe I'll post some pics and journal them.

Here goes!

See these cute girls? This is my lovely Lauren holding sweet Erika T. Since L is just two years older than her little sister, she didn't get a lot of "holding the baby" moments (protective mom's fault). Isn't she precious? Lauren is not bad, either! Lauren is my little mommy. She is always talking about what she'll do when she is a mommy. I was never ever like that as a kid, so it is so wild to see my own flesh and blood as such a girly-girl. So cute!

Then there is my handsome William. I sure love that blue-eyed boy. He is holding Erika as well. He was so excited to hold the baby. He was so gentle with her (so different than he is with his own sibs), and that just warmed my heart. What a happy boy!

This pic is Hadland playing basketball. He was so excited to play on a team. Some of his good friends were on the same team, and his coach (former NBA player and Larry's home teach-ee) was completely awesome, so although we moved mid-season, he LOVED it! He was always right on top of the score, making sure he knew if the team won or not (not that they were keeping score at all). Now if his dad could teach him some sweet moves...

This pic has a sweet/sad story behind it. We were attending Erika's baby blessing up in Draper at Grandma and Grandpa Thunell's house, and we couldn't find Sarah for a while. That may alarm some of you, but I just thought she was playing somewhere in that huge house. Then someone went to use the bathroom and found a little girl asleep on the rug. Our guess is that she went in and then couldn't get out. She may have even been crying, but I couldn't hear her (lots of talking, laughing, kids running around), so she just gave up and took a nap. Sad, isn't it? But it makes for a funny picture and story.

Well, Savannah, here are some pictures just for you!

(And for anyone else reading this crazy blog!)

Have a great night, and we'll be back tomorrow. Who knows, maybe with more pictures!


Tera said...

Oh my goodness, that picture of her sleeping on the carpet is soooo sad. It just broke my heart. What if she had been stuck in there? That is too sad :(

Melissa Basua said...

LOVE the pictures!!! Poor Lauren, kinda funny though too!

Cute Easter look! I love the yellow! It always makes me smile when I look at your blog!