Sunday, March 29, 2009

I just love it!

Does it get any better when your kids can read the scriptures THEMSELVES?
Granted, they were the kid version of the New Testament, but William read about the grateful healed leper. I only had to help him with knelt and knew (he still is in the dark about silent "K"s).

I am so grateful for reading. It opens new worlds each time they reach a milestone. William is so proud of himself when he can do something on behalf of the family. First it was playing "Silent Night" for the family to sing. Now it is contributing to the nightly scripture story reading.



Melissa Basua said...

Yeah for William!!! I love having the kids be able to read during scriptures!

Can you believe all this snow?! Nuts!

Tera said...

In highschool I always noticed how much of an easier time those of us that were members of the church had when when reading the old classics in English. We picked up on the symbolism and old language so much easier. I really think it is because we were all used to it because we'd grown up reading the scriptures. It made school easier. I also notice that Lauren learned to read much easier in school because those stories she read were so much easier than the words she had to learn in the scriptures. Our kids have grown up and learned to read by using the scriptures. It's great! Good job William!