Friday, March 20, 2009

Happy Spring!

On the official first day of spring, I am SOOOOO excited for nice weather.

To commemorate, I am wearing a knee length skirt! Hip, hip, hooray!

I have also noticed that I use the exclamation point so very, very much! (hee, hee)


Thunell Family said...

Happy spring to you! Utah is such a great place for tulips and daffodils...the sublime spring flowers. I'm sure you look darling in your celebration skirt!

TM CLAN said...

Just thought I'd share with you. Makayla likes reading my blogs with me, so as she read yours she giggled at the 'knee length skirt' portion. She just turned 12, so she is starting to become more aware of her body and what she'll put on it.

Thanks for being another great example of modesty. Wish we could have seen a picture of you and your skirt! xo

Sweetarita said...

I must say I am jelous! We had a ton of snow yesterday. It's still winter-uggh. I am looking forward to some nice knee length skirt weather!! Love you!