Friday, March 27, 2009

A conundrum

So, how do you get things done AND take care of your kids?

I'm just not very good at that.

And I have a little bit of a temper.

All of those things put together does not make for a very happy Friday.

I just need to CHILL OUT! (and laugh--something I don't do often enough!)

On a happier note, I am going tomorrow to a seminar to train me how to be a Let's Play Music teacher. It is seriously the most amazing music program for kids I have ever seen. Check out the site. I can't even believe what they (I) teach the kids by singing, moving, and playing. Needless to say, I learned some of that stuff in my COLLEGE music classes. It is the first music program I have ever wanted to be a part of, so I am jumping in with both feet!

Wish me luck!


Thunell Family said...

First of all, you will be ONE amazing teacher! Second, you are a fabulous mommy...we all have our moments (even on Fridays), and Third, I LOVE the pictures from the previous post. Savannah will be thrilled. Thank you! They brought back many happy memories! Love you.

TM CLAN said...

You are doing a great job writing more often! And you will be the best music teacher EVER. I'm excited for you. The program looks amazing.

And I have no advice on parenting today, it was a rough one over here. The good news is tomorrow is a new day.

Melissa Basua said...

Tomorrow is a new day! Great advice Melissa! You are wonderful! AND you ARE a fantastic Mom! I have see you in action!
Yippee on the music class stuff. You will do great! Now I really wish you would move closer!!

cherie said...

you know i thought you would be the perfect LPM teacher since day one! you are going to be absolutely amazing. i am so excited for you! keep me posted on how it's going.