Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Happy St. Paddy's Day!

I love green.

And potatoes.

But that is pretty much it when it comes to March 17.

Oh, I also love Ella M. and the fact that Mike married Kristin 20 years ago. (Is that really true--TWENTY years?!!!)

And gold. I like gold. But mostly the kind made of foil that has chocolate in it.

So I guess I am kind of an March 17th fan. A little bit, anyway. I wore a green shirt. Does that earn me any credit? (Probably not, since Larry did, too. He's not really one to decorate himself for any holiday.)

I guess everyone has to has at least one green-ish wardrobe item for this day. That seems a little weird. We don't really wear any other color on any other particular day.

But I do love green, so who am I to complain?


Thunell Family said...

I had to laugh about Larry wearing green on St. Patrick's day...and about your chocolate in the gold foil--me too!! You make me smile.

Tera said...

Ha ha! I didn't wear green. But nobody pinched me so I lucked out! I feel bad because after such an exhausting trip and an even more exhausting trip home I kinda just vegged yesterday. My kids didn't even wear green to school. I'm a bad mom. Oh well.

liz said...

Perhaps if I were Irish I'd get more into it as well, but I do have fun trying to get a little Irish item into the meal, or green Jello :) I wore my minty blue shirt and called it green.

cherie said...

a strange holiday indeed! i think at some point ella is going to boycott green b-days! :)