Monday, March 02, 2009

Well-trained, If I do say so myself

Hadland said the funniest thing today.

He was drawing (of course) a superhero. When he had finished drawing the face, he brought it to me to show me what a good job he was doing. He pointed out the chin.

"See the double chin? To show he's strong, you know?"

He was serious as a heart attack.

I love that boy. When I get a double chin (Oh, I mean, if...), I know I'll just move up in his opinion. Then I'll really be strong.

Thanks, future double chin.

I must be doing something right with this boy! :)


TM CLAN said...

This made me laugh out loud. Thanks!

liz said...

OK, that is an AWESOME perspective. Could we have some more of that? :) Great to hear your voice today!

cjaster said...

That is awesome. You've raised him well. They say the greatest things.

cherie said...

too funny, melanie!! hope you and the fam are doing well back in O-town! love you!

Thunell Family said...

SO Funny!! What about triple chins...does that mean I'm extra, extra strong?! We love that boy, too. Yes, he is well-trained, in so many ways. He does have you as his mother you know. Love you so much.